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The plight of UK Charities is never too far from the news, a number of factors over recent years have heightened the need for greater funding. An increase in administration costs, higher transport costs and most damaging of all is the reduction in the tax relief of 28p in the pound that UK charities are able to reclaim from the government on donations.

The change in the UK tax laws means that charities will lose 3p in the pound on donations which they receive. This is expected to cost charities in the UK in excess of �90 million a year in total - a massive blow to charities at a time when costs are rising and donations are falling due to the credit crunch.

So What Can You Do?

The onset of the internet has in many ways been a god send for many of the UK charities with the vast majority enjoying a healthy online presence which has started to yield a greater return for their causes. Not only are we seeing great exposure but we are seeing simple and safe ways to donate appearing online.

All of the charities listed on are affiliates of the site and your donations will be made via the charity�s own website and NO funds will be taken by us. As a consequence, the vast array of online donation options means no paperwork, no phone calls and above all, no fuss. Simply click on the picture or link on the charity page and you will be transferred to the charities official website where detailed instructions are available.

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Are The Charities Regulated?

All of the charities which are listed on this site are fully regulated by the UK Charity Commission who monitor and correspond with over 170,000 charities in the UK. Each and every charity is the subject of rigorous checks, ongoing scrutiny and all accounts are available for the pubic to view at any time � everything is totally transparent which is a necessity where members of the public are donating for the great number of worthwhile causes.

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The Future

As the charity sector in the UK continues to see essential government funds diverted to other areas of the economy, charities in the UK have never been more desperate for whatever you may be able to afford. While many of us donate what we can afford, when we can afford, can we squeeze an extra few pounds out of our expenses for these great causes?

When you consider the vast array of charities in the UK including children�s charities, housing charities, animal charities, charities for those overseas and the numerous charities for different areas of society including the elderly, etc, funding can be tough. Let us hope that it never happens, but how would you feel if in later life you required the help of one of these worthwhile charities and there were no funds available?

We all grow old, we all have our troubled times and we all need help from time to time, but the ability to be able to help someone else help themselves, or save children and animals from desperate lives is a gift which we all have, but how many of us actually use this?

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